Elisa Lam: Strange & Random Connection found during Internet Search.

Another thing I forgot to mention was that Elisa Lam stayed on the 4th floor. ANd I don't know about you, but if I am a hotel guest when I leave my room (in a hotel that is obviously not that "nice" once you get past the facade of fancy retro in the lobby)....if I am a hotel guest leaving my room, where do I go? Do I take the elevator up? Or do I tend to leave my room with the intention to leave the hotel and go sightseeing or whatever? Did Elisa accidentally hit the wrong button on the elevator, going up? And walking out of it kinda not thinking about it (as one often does while riding an elevator lost in a thought) only to realize "Oops! Wrong Floor!" and turn on your heel and return to the the elevator.

She does this exact motion it seems from the footage supplied. She then presses buttons CAREFULLY to avoid the same mistake of being on the wrong floor. But maybe then she hears something? Because she immediately reacts to something that scares her. What made her look around the corner to the right, carefully? Did Elisa accidentally see something "to the right" of the elevator ...which made her visibly and immediately afraid? And then she attempts the work the elevator again hurriedly.

She only settles when she looks to the left.... perhaps she sees something to the left of her that she assumes is a harbor of immediate safety--like a security guard coming out of the doorway to the left of the elevator? She proceeds to talk with someone to the left as if describing something. However.... there is one amount of body language that I stands out to me..... It is when she throws her hands up, as if in a release of interest. I don't know about you, but I make that gesture when I am visibly offended by someone's gesture or insatiable rudeness, and am making the choice to blow the person off. As in "Like, Whatever!!"

Elisa makes that hand gesture of hands thrown up over her head when she returns to the elevator and again attempts to work it. (her weird motions appearing "warped" I believe are accounted for by the missing footage that is clearly visible when the seconds and minutes are matched correctly....and the stretching --the "warping"-- of the footage by security is what makes her look "warped".... But who would be the only one's to access security footage? No janitor, as it's there for them as much as it is for the guests. Not a clerk, because they deal in money and also are watched by cameras. ONLY the security could disarm the alarm to the roof and access footage to warp it. I believe that AT THAT MOMENT of her hands being thrown up in a "whatever!" gesture to return to the elevator, that a lewd gesture was made at her by the person who until that moment she assumed was safety. I got a mental image of him grabbing his crotch or something similar that could necessitate an immediate "Okay, I'm out of here!" response such as she displays.

What else could prompt an otherwise (up to that moment) seemingly friendly interaction to turn south to where she wants out again? But notice that still, she can't get out, because the security has likely locked the elevator as only they could. There is a second elevator, but it was to the right of the elevator she was in..the very direction she looks initially in fear at the beginning of the footage. All points to consider in this mystery.

Did Elisa happen into the middle of some interaction already in play that caught her totally unaware when she stepped off the elevator on the wrong floor while assuming she was in an elevator "going down"? And thus made her witness to a crime on the top floor? And in the eyes of the guilty thus seeing her as needing to be dispatched of in the eyes of? Or did she go to L.A. (for "some reason" no one is really sure of) to rendezvous in what she thought was perhaps an attempt to save "little" Abby (her little sister? or perhaps cousin?) but was the rendezvous a ruse again, just to dispatch what would have been a witness to something larger than we might even imagine and involving people at higher levels of the law or government in Los Angeles all involved in a prostitution scandal or child endangerment?

After all, Elisa's phone went missing first--this guarantees NO lifeline to call for help, suspicious. I wonder if the security could have eyeballed her from the moment she entered as something they wanted to "covet". She was young, Asian, and alone in the city. But considering her laptop disappeared after the fact -- this could also back up more of the connection to a human trafficking ring she was in connection with to save a loved on. And maybe the laptop contained all evidence of whatever communication or connection she had to the whole thing as well as names or connections to others involved. If she was "setting up an escape plan" for a loved one in the capital city of human trafficking in China, it's likely she used her laptop to set up whatever it was she thought was a rescue attempt.

But again, who is Abby? Was she --is she-- still a victim out there left unaccounted for outside of a weird google implication? Is that why she asked for Elisa's name in a short question perhaps in a brief window of time to send such a message while left in the hanging amidst Elisa's disappearance but BEFORE the body was found (naked implying sex crime to me.) Did Abby ask a blog which to her may have been just any old site she happened upon that held the name of the Hotel in it, where she could leave the name of Elisa Lam as if calling out "where are you?" or "are you still coming to help?" etc. etc. Who can really say? But the human trafficking connection? That was MADE BY GOOGLE to Abby Lam and is extremely both realistic considering the area of Los Angeles, and the state of the world...and is unsettling to think that maybe Elisa isn't the only victim in this story. And that there is presently still "Little" Abby out there kept in human captivity in the human slave capital of China.

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