Elizabeth Warren and pregnancy discrimination

The bad history is, basically, suggesting a visibly pregnant teacher in June 1970 had a choice about leaving the classroom.

I'm confused: Elizabeth Warren is a specific person who is making a specific claim. Your argument is essentially "pregnancy discrimination exists/existed." You're (I think unintentionally) literally putting words in people's mouths.

According to Warren, her principal told her she had been replaced, which gave her the usual two choices: resign or fight.

this is pretty obviously the actual factual claim under dispute not an historical claim about the role of pregnant women in the workforce in the 1970s. The whole debate is centered around the extent to which previous statements contradict her current description of her personal history and the extent to which evidence sheds light on this issue.

She wrote in her 2014 memoir

or, to put it another way, "the allegation of pregnancy discrimination emerged in biographical writing associated with her 2014 campaign for the US Senate."

That's obviously relevant context especially since you're treating statements made during the Senate campaign (this book) as claims that must be uncritically accepted or you risk being accused on not believing in historical pregnancy discrimination. The context is the autobiographical narrative of a leading presidential candidate.

This isn't about if "a women in Elizabeth Warren's situation in 1970s" it's about the person actually running for president.

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