Elon Musk backing out of the Twitter deal was the equivalent of backing out of a used car sale after looking under the hood. Also, this could result in lawsuits from advertisers because they now know how broken Twitter’s engine is.

But what are you going to do? Without definitive proof, you can't just accuse a million-dollar company by saying "Yes, it's like this, and other random users back me up"

The fact that he went through with the deal at first and had a chance to look at Twitter's system means he now has proof to back up the claims. No need to try to probe and harass Twitter since they practically handed him the evidence he needed. Less hassle, and while it was technically a "waste" of his time in the sense that there won't be a deal anymore, it allows the lawsuits being made to be handled more smoothly. Otherwise, as I stated already, you would have to probe Twitter and it would have taken plenty of months, even years, to come to a conclusion due to how dodgy they can be.

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