Elon Musk sold 1 billion $ of #Bitcoin before his tweet

So everyone hates on btc in all the investing subs. They also say it won't be currency and btc die hards are stupid. But people on this sub(from what I've seen) really push that crypto should be your extra cash. Not normal investments and not your bank account. So in that sense btc and this sub is for people taking a risk on a fringe, thing, I guess.

Why does there seem to be emotional hatred on top of the dry analysis on btc inviability? A lot of people lose money betting on the incorrect future their narrow slice of life affords them.

I've been responsible with my money. I'm not going homeless and taxing the system because btc shrank my worth. And I understand it can be (and honestly now looks) dead. But I'm keeping it in there because it's fun. I guess what I'm saying is btc can be carried but the argument for self defense is bs. The only real reason to open carry btc is because you like btc. Wait I think I'm off track.

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