I want to get eloped in Canada, but where?

A person can't "get eloped" you can elope, and you could say we eloped last night. Or you can say, this isn't a wedding, it's an elopement. When you elope, you are still getting married, but the event is an elopement instead of a wedding, does that make sense? Your question would be, we want to elope, where should we do it?

I agree about Banff and Lake Louise, and Vancouver Island being gorgeous, Niagara falls is also a classic choice. The Maritimes also have some really idyllic and breath taking cliffs etc that would make for a great photo shoot and great tourism afterward as well. The Okanagan in BC is also very striking with lots to do. All of these places I would recommend summer, unless you are into a winter wedding in which case I would stick with Banff or Lake Louise. In fall, you get the most beautiful fall foliage in Southern Ontario and Quebec. In BC, in early spring, like last week, you can catch the Cherry blossoms and they are amazing.

In every province there is a ton of hiking, lakes or ocean, great national and provincial parks, great hotels or resorts etc, so you could enjoy that wherever you go in terms of having fun afterward. What do you two want to do afterward? City stuff or outdoors stuff?

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