So this email just went out at work...

I had a friend who would adamantly child-free. She'd often say things to me that basically boiled down to, "People with kids suck. Women with babies are so boring and stupid. You and I are so much smarter than all those fucking breeders. Here's to us never ever being that fucking dumb. High-five!"

Her rather forceful (and ever so slightly over the top) attitude kind of made me pause. I honestly never had a strong opinion about how people live their lives, so long as it doesn't fuck up mine. Have kids or don't... why does it matter? Insulting every single person who ever had or would ever have a kid just seemed a little extreme.

Anyway, she'd always had a cat and after her old cat died, she and her SO adopted two shelter cats. Said shelter cats stayed with them for a couple of years... until my "too-smart-to-be-a-dumb-fucking-breeder" friend got pregnant, and not by accident.

Fine. Whatever. Weird that you're not even mentioning your previous rabid stance on the whole thing... but do what you want.

Shortly after the baby was born, those kitties had to go. Because soon there would be a baby crawling around on the floor and where are cats feet when they're not on the floor? In a litter box! Tracking litter through the house for Crotchy Jr. to drag himself through.

Fine, not a completely baseless fear... but just mop your floors, people! Those cats already had a shitty go of it and were through the shelter system once. How heartless to turf them out of their home because suddenly you're concerned about the state of your floors.

I lost contact with her shortly after but I think the cats got placed, possibly even together. (I couldn't take them because I'm ridiculously allergic to cats -- which is why they love me -- to the point where my eyes get super-gross and I can't actually breathe)

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