Do you think embedded development is a good starting point for moving into more holistic systems development / whole product management later on?


A lot of what you do in embedded is just administrative labor, dealing with terrible toolchains , build systems, janky vendor IDEs, bad to non existent docs, and testing. then the actually programming is usually 1980s era C.

I'd argue that if you want to get into hardware/software product development and management its better to learn some of every other aspect of the process. How to design the case, what the case is made of, building out the BOM, making prototypes, figuring out where to get prototype boards made, supply chain, prototyping the software VERY high level for demos, being the point guy in Shenzhen, marketing, user research. you should know what embedded boards and toolchain options you have.

If you're a true engineer and want to be heads down with the embedded stuff... go for it. but if you're asking about product dev you probably don't want to be the embedded guy.

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