Embrace the Universal Credit

As someone who has gone through redundancy in the past and has experience with UC I understand why you feel like no one cared.

As someone who had to leave my job to care for my grandparents full time I understand your complaints about how much you're expected to live on. Carers actually have it worse, we get £66 per week for caring for someone 35+ hours per week. That's less than £1.90 per hour.

While I understand how easy it is to bare ill will against those who never cared and never understood I would encourage you to use your energy for a more positive outcome. Encourage those who are now on UC to speak out about how bad it is and how they can't live on it. With more people now being exposed to UC hopefully there are positive changes for everyone on the back of this.

Those of us who are accustomed to living off nothing can help to teach others about how to make their money last and how to survive.

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