Emil 1951 - Sounds about right

Last I checked the Emil I has 125mm of lower plate armor and the 1951 has 120mm... so... I dunno... 120 is less than 125 and will be weaker at the same angle

Fair, miss read, still only 5mm, not going to do anything

Weakens it when the tank attempts to sidescrape, because you dont shoot the turret ring front on.

why the fuck are you trying to side scrape a tank that only has 20mm side armour?

And when arty hits it? Or when youre above it (as you so kindly pointed out? (Also on flat ground there are portions of the turret that were weakened that arent at 70+ degrees.

slightly wider spot on the roof of "weak" armour isn't going to save you from an arty shell hit your 18mm thick roof, likewise if you're above; if you're shooting the front of the turret and not the roof then somethings gone wrong

cant make that assumption until we see it in game.

fair call.

Honestly, all in all if they had made the armor and engine historical (aka 150mm turret front, 125 turret cheeks, 200mm above/below gun 70mm UFP. 550hp engine with the tank weighing the historical 28.8t resulting in a power to weight of 19.09hp/t)

Then I would agree that the tank is sacrificing armour for mobility, but as it stands now the armour differences are so marginal that it can just be dismissed

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