Eminem Is Selling Autographed 'Revival' Bundles for $500

Guys, I desperately need your help.

Long story short: I have a small group of friends i hang out with and one of those friends become friends with a girl (he's actually trying to fuck her) that balls herself "Eminem's Number One Fan". I personally don't like his music, but what really annoys me is the lack of sense she has amd the things she says about hip-hop in general, for exemple: - Eminem is an old-school rapper. - Only real rappers can make trap music. - Drake is a rap legend (i like his music, but it's too early to ball him a legend.) - Playboi Barti is the best freestyle rapper of all time. I tried to show her stuff lile NWA and Public Enemy but she said it was shit and not "real hip-hop". The friend who's trying to fuck asked me and my other friends if we could "chip in a little money" for something special but the problem is we're all broke. I will set up a gofundme so you guys can help pay for this bundle for her

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