Emotionally damaged activist, farther below the poverty line than you can imagine, needs friends

I am a freelance stuff-doer who likes to play musical chairs with his career. Since about last December I have stopped focusing on making an income in order to focus entirely on political stuffs (loose term for a loose collection of stuffs). You seem to be asking if I am a welfare recipient. No, but are you asking because it would be a problem if I was?

Radfem = radical feminist.

Cards Against Humanity being a game for horrible people makes it not the best example... I can enjoy a diversion now and again. I haven't been bowling since I was a kid, but yes. I do have an infinitesimal number of friends who do dinner-and-a-movie together every couple months. My roommate and I go out for breakfast sometimes... he punches a clock for a living and we live in a sardine can, so it's about the only comfortable socialization we can squeeze in with each other. I hit happy hour and talk with random bargoers when I've got a few extra bucks to kill. I do tend to steer the conversation toward politics whenever I can, though... as cautiously as I know how.

Diversity is definitely a good thing, but to be fully honest, I simply don't know how to get along with people who I don't agree with. That's nobody's fault including my own (well, except for people who are just dicks -- that's usually, but not always, their fault). The only thing my parents ever gave me, was PTSD. If perchance you saw this thread being posted and deleted repeatedly today, you might have seen the massive hate it attracted. That is how people who "don't take life so seriously" almost always treat me, so it's not like I'm arbitrarily choosing to cut "most people" off. Matt Damon is very, very late to the party, with regards to his observation about United Statesians. But then, I suppose one has to be a little bit soft-touch about calling America a Nazi state, when one's entire income is based on fame and likability.

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