Empire of the pig - China’s insatiable appetite for pork is a symbol of the country’s rise. It is also a danger to the world

How can anyone come to any conclusion besides that there will need to effort from all angles?

Isn't that pretty easy to understand? It is good too because everyone just needs to worry about their own business. After all humans can be quite focused on their own concerns over those of others so anyone is naturally going to want to say their neighbor should do the work and they are going to find all sorts of arguments on why they're right, so there really isn't anyone even in a position to deiced who does what, only the power to decide what they themselves will do whatever they can, something everyone has.

It is already known that some people just suck ass in a major way so when you look over and see you're neighbor not doing something he should be and generally sucking tons of ass you should not be surprised and that is no reason for you to throw your shovel down and join him in quiet useless contempt, better to not be a whiner and keep digging because that's the only time things ever get done. Nothing is ever going to be perfect, there will always be shit to complain about,and nothing would ever get done if everything was only gotten to when it would be without annoyances, inconvenience, and in a state of perfectness. The world is not even close to being fair, you can let that fact ruin you and decide to just not leave you bed at all and sit in your own filth until you die, or...or you can decide since you have nothing better to do anyways besides sit in your own filth and die which is not too fun that you may as well do something, even if yeah it sucks and is not fair that you have to do it when other may find a way to avoid it.

You don't tell others what to do without the authority in the first place and suggesting what others need to do as is almost always douchey as fuck, it's a good way to make it so other won't cooperate with you at all and may just not do anything to spite you. What one should do is lead by example and do their duties properly and offer friendly encouragement through favors and direct assistance without being presumptuous. It would be a thousand times better for everyone involved this way, instead of spending an afternoon being pissed off and making effort in arguing about imperfect fairness in an imperfect world and really not enjoying yourself and still accomplishing nothing you can spend that time and effort working, bearing the discomforts of labor sure but also experience the sweet relief of a break and hard earned lunch, enjoy a job well done, and then experience the benifits of the labor. So there is going to be shittyness either way but one options leads to a more temporary and less shitty shittyness and if you're going to feel the shit either way you may as well feel it in an effort to make things less so.

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