Employee Shot and Killed While Trying to Stop Theft Inside Pleasanton Home Depot

Honestly a lot of the justifications for why these people might be stealing or pointing the finger at the victim for doing what they thought was right or felt compelled to do is really out of touch.

I’ve lived here, in California in the same general area as this shooting my whole life. Crime, in general has gotten out of hand. We’ve got people, kids, getting killed in road rage shootings on freeways. Elderly folks getting assaulted, and killed by young thugs. And we could find a million more examples of bad shit that continues to go on especially over the last 10 or so years.

There are tons of these professional theft rings that work in coordination to steal shit just to resell it. They drive nicer cars than you or I. They don’t work an honest day in their life. Enough is enough, I don’t care how hard your life is, how down bad you feel you are, there’s no excuse for this kind of shit. And we should start actually using the laws we have and punishing people who do stuff like this.

I hope they charge and prosecute these people to the max. No bullshit plea bargains like the one the Alameda DA tried to hand out to a triple murderer (another example of letting criminals win).

Rest in peace to the guy. I hope his family finds peace one day. Shit is fucking sad and senseless.

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