Employees... don’t you just love

My favorite moment was the one time I answered a call in our store and the lady on the other end literally scream/cried at me because an Ulta Salon in Ohio ruined her hair (I live in Pennsylvania). I told her she had called a store in another state and I wasn’t customer service. I told her I could give her their number so they could help her out but she said “I don’t want their number” and proceeded to yell at me for what felt like forever.

I also loved this one time when a lady brought in an EMPTY shampoo bottle (I’m talking completely empty, like she had to have rinsed out the inside because there was n o t h i n g in there) and said she “didn’t like it” and wanted a return. I was flabbergasted.

Or how about all those times where I’m told we are “false advertising” with our $3.50 coupon that literally says “excludes prestige brands” in the first line of text. Like, no Karen, it’s not our fault you can’t read.

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