Employers of Reddit, what is the most unique/outrageous thing someone has put on a resume?

Recovered addicts can go near drugs, it just takes more willpower, which can be achieved through more therapy.

(Hell, I know a guy who was an alcoholic, and he still has a few beers every now and again. But at that point the comparison goes into a double-standard where a child molestor can still fuck a few kids every now and then)

And there's no law against sitting next to a guy who's drinking, while a sex offendor can't go have a walk in a park.

Not trying to dismiss recovering addicts' struggles, but if you think a sex offendor should be just walled off from a certain part of the world because of a past crime, there's no reason to let them out. That's like trusting a suicidal person not to kill themselves just because you forbid them from going to high buildings.

If you think they will break a law once they are at the place, what makes you think they won't break a law to get to that place? It's putting juuuust enough trust in someone so that you don't have to do your job.

And that isn't even touching the harmless sex crimes from above. "Yeah I pissed behind an Arby's once, therefore I should never be within 6 miles of a school. The urge will always be there."

"When I was 15, I had sex with my 15 year old girlfriend. We are both horrible rapists who should never be around children."

"One time my dress caught on something and tore, exposing my bellybutton to all the world. I must be a crazy kid diddling freak"

"I'm not allowed to pick up my son from school because one time I adjusted my junk to a less painful position while in my backyard."

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