"Empress" Ninti El Bey has cops show up to her house after failing to pull over for a traffic stop. Threats of liens and other Moop weapons are made.

This one was actually pretty fucked up after the lady got put in the car.

If I understand this correctly the lady either quit or got fired from her job and kept the work laptop. Her employer asked the police to take back possession of it and presumably the detective has a warrant to obtain the laptop from the lady. the detective kept saying that he has a warrant, he just had to go get it.

Why doesn't he go get it? Because clearly he doesn't have a warrant to enter and search the property, he just has a warrant to obtain the laptop from the lady. Without proof that the laptop is on the property, those police officers cannot legally be entering the house or even standing on the lawn without permission.

The homeowner keeps telling the cop to go get the warrant and the cop keeps saying he will but it'd be easier if the owner would just let him in and grab the laptop and it would all go a lot faster. Cool but no, I still need to see a warrant for an officer to go in my house. They go in circles like this for 10 minutes with the cop saying he has a warrant he just needs to go get it, blah blah blah.

However in the last 2 minutes of the video once the detective has gone back to his car and the fully uniformed officer is talking to the homeowner, the officer says that it may actually be a few hours because they have to wait for a judge "to sign it". Unless I'm misunderstanding it, this is where the distinction is made clear that they don't have a warrant to search the property rather they just have a warrant to obtain the laptop. With the laptop warrant the officer can question the woman but unless she told them it was in the house they have no proof it's there and a judge will not sign a warrant.

she should have either refused to answer any questions and the cops couldn't really do anything or she should have grab the laptop and gave it to the officer with no resistance. Instead during the argument she resisted arrest and told them that the laptop was inside, so now that it's active can get a judge to sign off. But it waspretty scummy the way the detective kept implying that the warrant he had allowed a search of the house when in fact he didn't have the right to even be on the property let alone go inside the house. The video ended too soon but I would have done exactly what the homeowner did Aaron grab my kids and taken them to wherever they needed to go. No warrant? Get the fuck off my property. Once the judge signs the warrant in 3 hours come back and I'll let you in.

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