'End this cruelty': Dozens rally in Seoul to ban dog meat trade

You said that "factory farming should be illegal if animal abuse was really illegal". Which I called out to be wrong. And you make a new argument in your latest comment which I fully understand. And the EU laws protect animals the most in the entire world.

The problem is not the laws, the problems is catching perpetrators.

And again, I make the argument about Asia because when you try to solve a problem, you solve the urgent situation. Europe is not the one destroying animals' lives the most, its Asia that is. You solve a problem step by step. European laws are not perfect but if the entire world already treated animals as we do in Europe, the situation would be extremely better.
But Asians come here and try to destroy any argument by playing the quid pro quo game, saying "you need cows so we can fuck up dogs". Which is stupid and derails the argument so many times.

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