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Hello /r/fantasylife!

Due to the positive feedback I got from the first scavenger hunt. ), I am hosting another scavenger hunt! However this one must be done in PAIRS! So grab your bestie and go on this hunt together! If you don't have a BFF to play with, no worries because I got you covered. Just go to this list, put down your FC and find someone else to work with!

So without further adieu, let's go over the Rules and Prize Pools!


  • Find a partner to play with! If you don't have someone, then enter your FC here and/or find someone on the list to partner up with. It's your responsibility to contact the person and arrange a time to do the event together!

  • There are 7 clues referring to a thing, place, person or activity from the game. You must post 7 screenshots in this thread - one for each clue - showing that your group has found the thing or place or person or completed the required task. Be sure to include the clue number for each answer in your post! Hint: Some of these clues requires you to perform a certain action or wear a type of clothing at a specific location!

  • The first group to finish all 7 clues, post up the correct answers here and get them all correct will be rewarded with the Grand Prize and an additional prize from the regular Prize Pool! The 2nd place and 3rd place will also get to choose a prize from the regular Prize Pool.

The Clues

Clue #\1

*Often worn by king, but this one you can't put on your head.

Forget Royalty, these shows are fit for Masters instead!*

Clue #\2

*Nothing tastes better than the purest of water, straight from its source.

Things might get a bit chilly so make sure you dress appropriately of course.*

Clue #\3

*Even if you're on a mount or a go-kart, it won't knock you down,

but this is definitely the biggest shell you'll find in any town.*

Clue #\4

*Here brave souls come to dye,

So go spray your clothes in blood red

As flowers gather round where you now lie,

But this is not a gathering spot for the dead.*

Clue #\5

*Finding a needle in a haystack is no good,

But I can find dairy when I'm in the moOooOd.*

Clue #\6

*Always slumbering even during the day,

A legendary beast fit for a Paladin to slay.

One breath from it surely means a fiery doom,

but why use a blade when you can take it out with a Ka-Boom!*

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