Endometriosis, Birth control, and Bipolar 1: A juggling act

My partner cannot get me pregnant after an operation involving testicular cancer.

So he's had his sperm checked, and got declared sterile? Just asking because many doctors still throw around the term "infertile", which doesn't actually mean sterile.

Does anyone else feel like...helpless? Can anyone relate to this?

I have/had a severe case of a silent pelvis till January of this year.... I'm on Skyla (bc) and Visanne to manage my endo and prevent it from regrowing as much as possible until I'm ready to conceive. Luckily, I don't really have any mental health issues.

One of my best friends (37F) has had endo since her mid 20s, and also deals with depression. She's not really been able to take any form of bc consistently, and has had around 3 surgeries over the years. She's now given birth after hormone treatment, but it looks like she'll have to go in for another lap soon, and eventually a (partial) hysterectomy.

Treatment really depends on what your and your specialist's goal is short- and longterm. For me, it's preserving my fertility and protect my bladder/ureter/colon....for you, your focus might be on something completely different.

Are you with a specialist? If not, r/endo and r/endometriosis have lists of good doctors.

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