[ENG][JPN] October 16, 2018 - October 23, 2018 Weekly Questions & Advice Megathread


» Cerebral, PowerHouse, DEX/STR.
» ATK: 1588, HP: 4194, RCV: 298.

  • Bonus Effect: When 2 other characters uses Special, becomes Moria & Oars for 1 turn.

  • Captain Ability: If there is a STR, DEX, INT characters in your crew, boosts ATK of STR, DEX, INT characters by 4.25x if they have a INT orb, by 3.5x otherwise and their HP by 1.2x. Increases chance of getting INT orbs. Makes INT orbs can not be shuffled and Badly Matching + BLOCK orbs not reduce damage.

  • Swap Effect: Reduces Paralysis and Orbs Seal duration by 1 turn. Makes PERFECTs easier to hit and reduces damage taken by 15% for 1 turn.

  • Special: Boosts ATK of STR, DEX, INT characters by 2x for 3 turns and locks all orbs for 1 turn. Extends duration of Moria & Oars by 2 turns.

    Moria, Oars and dual-units Moria & Oars has 3 different Special Effects.

  • Limit Break Ability: Max Special at the start of the fight, Orbs seal and Critical Hit.

OARS, the Special Zombie

» Fighter, PowerHouse, STR.
» ATK: 1513, HP: 3886, RCV: 241.

GECKO MORIA, Commander of the Dead Army

» Cerebral, Driven, DEX.
» ATK: 1531, HP: 3991, RCV: 205.

  • Captain Ability:

  • Special: Selects one of your sailors, creates a zombie clone from him. From now on, this character will becomes dual-units, swipe down to swap in between him and his zombie.

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