Engine Pull and Replacement

I got started. This evening I pulled the battery, air intake assembly, and radiator.

Found that it has an aftermarket radiator fan, which I will likely scrap. Also found a couple of stripped screws, but nothing too concerning. Hoses and wires are tired and warn, many will be replaced.

Question. If I go to a Toyota carb after the new engine is in, can I get rid of some of the god awful spaghetti under the hood!!?!?!?

Unbelievable how many hoses, wires, and tubes that are mysteries to me, especially around the fuel system.

I do not need to worry about emissions; rig is exempt where I live. I want to get rid of as much of the electrical and emissions stuff as possible. Need this thing to be simple and dependable; not to mention easier for me to put back together

Input is appreciated.

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