"Engineers can't make decision" - Have you heard that enough?

True. When pressed I leave everything open ended. "Theoretically you can use a Rpi as an I/O controller for that robot. But in reality that's just not gonna pan out or work in any kind of production sense."

"Why not? That's not true I talked to Tim"


Manager browsing jumper wire Ferrels on adafruit a little bit later


Find out the plan is half ass concocted robotic camera analysis system. The robot arm because lets make what we're inspecting dynamic instead of static because yes!

Mention the need for a core computer, DCS systems, RTOS under an OS... Nah they are gonna build their OS

Ask how fast this things gotta get to X point in space and take a picture to figure out what kind of shit show this is.

"Less than a ms"

Dude... Just dude. The current IO is a breadboarded audrino and the common idea that this will scale up to an entire system solution and audrino is the foundation of this effort. For fucks sake. They are working around a working and operational Fanuc arm for pick and place operations... building their own controllers. (Presumably ICs and circuitry?)

Ask about bus speed and bandwith to the core system... whatever it is. Crickets.

Mention shit about a SSD shield..

Mother of god.

Core mission. To replicate existing tech in an audrino supposedly. Or from all I can gather.

"You're going to re-write all of your device drivers? Why?"

That was today....

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