England and Brexit have made a mug of Scots like me who voted ‘no’ to independence

Gives Scotland a better chance at success

As I've said before, in my perspective this is dead wrong.

Your best chance was the previous referendum. It would be much simpler to leave the UK within the EU, because all parties, the UK, the rUK and (arguably) Scotland with live within a common framework, and regulated and supervised by the same supranational institution.

The exact process by which Scotland would join the EU is, in my opinion, a matter of detail. Spain made it clear there would be no veto on their part. If everyone wanted Scotland abroad it would be made simple.

Now it's not happening.

Independence could mean rejoining the EU but it would also imply a hard break with the UK. Probably not being part of the same single market, possibly limits to freedom of movement and even border controls. In my view, that alone is enough for Scottish independence to lose.

But there's more complications. The process of separating the UK and joining the EU would now be more complex and demanding. Scotland won't be under EU jurisdiction any more, laws will probably not be EU-compliant. Also keeping the pound (a non-EU currency) certainly won't be an option.

And keep in mind this will be after the population go through a painful and tedious EU-separation process, and watch the situation with the Ireland - NI/UK border unfold. They will be tired of problems and instability and being asked to complicate things further.

Keep in mind also that while people may feel tricked by promises of more autonomy, the leave campaign in the Scottish referendum was also guilty of empty rhetoric, given what soon happened to oil prices.

I don't see it happening. Northern Ireland has a better chance. Wouldn't bet on it either but that one wouldn't surprise me.

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