England just announced that every Englishman over the age of 18 automatically become organ donors with ability to opt out. How do you feel about this?

The advertising agency that does commercials for the company where I’m employed shared a story with us about their ingenuity. It was a young team of Ivy League alumni leading an establish company. They had a friend who was in need of a transplant. They really tackled the issue. They shared that the greatest barrier to young, healthy organs is that fewer people are driving, and thus not getting in car accidents, and, unfortunately, not dying. What to do...do you remember about the news stories of 20-something males dying from combining alcohol with caffeine? Yes, that was their new target audience. Let’s put out awareness ads to stop young people from combining those things, and dying young, right? No! That’s a problem, but it wasn’t their problem. Let’s convince them to become organ donors. That led to a commercial about a worthless individual who finally made himself into something better, another (presumably better, maybe Ivy League) person...and, thus, they succeeded into getting the most people in that demographic to sign up for organ donation in history. So, there are ways to convince people. I’d prefer people volunteer (even with a little coercion) rather than simply be harvested (which feels more like a lobbying effort).

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