English Teacher Won’t Teach Shakespeare Because He’s White and Dead




verb: discover; 3rd person present: discovers; past tense: discovered; past participle: discovered; gerund or present participle: discovering

find (something or someone) unexpectedly or in the course of a search.
"firemen discovered a body in the debris"
synonyms:   find, locate, come across/upon, stumble on, chance on, light on, bring to light, uncover, unearth, turn up; track down
"firemen discovered a body in the debris"
    become aware of (a fact or situation).
    "the courage to discover the truth and possibly be disappointed"
    synonyms:   find out, learn, realize, recognize, fathom, see, ascertain, work out, dig up/out, ferret out, root out; More
    informalfigure out, dope out
    "eventually, I discovered the truth"
    be the first to find or observe (a place, substance, or scientific phenomenon).
    "Fleming discovered penicillin early in the twentieth century"
    synonyms:   hit on, come up with, invent, originate, devise, design, contrive, conceive of; More
    pioneer, develop
    "scientists discovered a new way of dating fossil crustaceans"
    perceive the attractions of (an activity or subject) for the first time.
    "a teenager who has recently discovered fashion"
    be the first to recognize the potential of (an actor, singer, or musician).
    "I discovered the band back in the mid 70s"
divulge (a secret).
"they contain some secrets which Time will discover"
    disclose the identity of (someone).
    "she at last discovered herself to me"
    display (a quality or feeling).
    "with what agility did these military men discover their skill in feats of war"

the only one of those that even mentions primacy is about potential and yeah, colombus discovered two whole continents of potential

sure, that potential includes the potential to shit all over the natives but, you have to give it to the guy, he shat all over the them

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