enjoy it.

Last time I had a great experience with quality stuff was 2009. I’ve rolled 2-3x since, all slightly disappointing quality. Last time was 2012 or 2013, but 2009 is the last one I remember vividly.

I came up in the late 90s, had a deep romance phase in 97/98, then dialed it back to a once-in-a-while thing when circumstances were right. Restraint has never been my strongest trait, I’ve definitely indulged in various things, sometimes to a fault, over the years. But giving up the every fri/sat & sometimes sun schedule wasn’t too hard. The once in a while schedule made the times I did it more special and memorable.

I knew Rick Doblin back in the day, got a tour of his purpose-built house in Sarasota in the spring of 2000. He’s from the Boston area originally. Last time we spoke was in 2004 tho. I’ve been very pleased and at times amazed at how far MAPS has come since those days, when the only couple “legitimate” studies of MDMA ever done had been conducted in Europe. Back then even the most liberal academics saw him as a head case on a quixotic mission, and kept him at a long arms length. The guy has balls.

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Thanks to all for the tips and kind words. When i figure onion out I’ll report back.

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