Why do you enjoy dying to crafterhoof and not to enjoy losing to infinite combos?

Nevertheless, this is where adapting and evolving decks comes into play.

This statement is factually true, but doesn't address OP's question.

I think you're assuming that there's enough of a stable meta that adapting and evolving your deck to fit a certain set of potential threats is possible. If you're playing the same deck against the same people regularly, then sure, that pretty much substitutes for telegraphing.

If I've sit down at a random table, however, or more likely online in these times, the only information I have to go on is the cards I see played. Sure, there's room for adaptation--maybe I replace a creature removal spell with [[Feed the Swarm]] or replace a do-nothing creature with another counterspell--but that doesn't change the fact that dying to creature combat feels like something I could have prevented, since I had information, and losing to an insta-win combo rarely does.

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