Enough's Enough "Asian Men Have it Hardest/Race Traitors threads" = Instaban. Man the fuck up pussy.

you rarely have one that is tall, in good shape, and social

In all seriousness, where are you looking? I'm guessing in a mostly white city.

Growing up in a metro with a huge Asian population and living in Asia now, what you said simply isn't true for large Asian areas.

White dudes are in better shape? That is outright bullshit. Over 1 of every 3 adult white males are obese. You know what the obesity rate is in Korea? Less than 1 in 20. In better shape, my ass.

Further, English teachers in Asia are some of the worst dressed, unfashionable, out of shape people you will ever meet. You'll respond that I'm cherry picking the worst. I should go to Miami Beach! Well that's exactly what you're doing if you're citing the Statistics grad student from China at your local university.

And Asians aren't social? Uh...again, have you been to K-town in LA where Asians are partying and going to booking clubs? Have you been to Circle in NYC? That's just false, man. They're so social there, they straight up ignore (or even prohibit entrance; re: Circle) to white dues.

So what you refer to as "rarely" is only insofar as you are talking about your life in a bubble. So yes, in a city with a 5% Asian population, you're statement will ring true. But I guarantee you if you waltz into a room salon in K-town your perception will change, because you'll get blown out just for looking different, and it will be the most shocking thing to you.

People need to learn how to differentiate between race being connected to SMV within specific cultures (true) versus race being connected to SMV across ALL cultures no matter what (false).

The former is why sex symbols in white countries are white (duh) while sex symbols in Asia are...Asian (again, duh).

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