This entire year made me realize I have no special talent or hobby

Same, im just good at staring at my phone, procrastinating and video games. I’ve tried lots of things but lost interest fairly quickly. We have to keep plugging away until something sticks i guess.

My latest idea is woodworking, making random bits of furniture that i would like in the house, so to get started i might watch some youtube videos for beginners, link it up to the tv so i can watch it on the couch like a series and learn about the theory, then i might get a few strips of wood and make a small stool or a box with some basic tools from ebay and go from there.

I think the hardest part is not only getting started, but committing to putting in the hours to getting better at it. Then when you have a basic understanding you can expose yourself more in practice.

So for example you’re learning a new language, you could change your netflix audio to that language with subtitles in english or vice versa, and learn a different way that engages you more. Maybe find someone online you could chat to in the language over zoom?

But most importantly you should know when your on the right path because you will be enjoying learning and doing that hobby day in day out.

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