Entirety of Hamas to be listed as a terrorist organisation

Can you give me some specific laws?

Because I am going through some of the things that are written there are some strange things.

like mandatory minimum prison sentences for rock throwing is not apartheid, just don't endanger people's lives and you will be fine - whether you are arab or not. rock throwing is a problem in Israel, people get injured, it can make people have car accidents if their window is being broken randomly by someone who throws rocks on their car.

The only thing you can see as problematic is "Expulsion of MKs for the denial of the existence of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state with approval of 75% of knesset members" , but what is written on this website does not reflect how the law really is, the only way a knesset candidate or member can be expelled is if their main goal is to make Israel have a jewish minority, or if they want to make Israel a non-democratic state. here is what the law says:

"A list of candidates will not run in the election if the abolition or denial of these characteristics is central and dominant in their aspirations and actions; And they work vigorously to fulfill these aspirations; And all this can be proved by convincing, clear and unequivocal evidence"

Jewish state is defined by: "the right of every Jew to immigrate to the State of Israel, where the Jews will constitute a majority;"

Some things also discriminate jews and favor arabs, for example getting in to a university(which is subsitized by the government and more prestige) is much easier for arabs (they need lower grades to get in and have financial help). this is to make them more likely to assimilate to society rather than be seperate.

so I don't see how Israel is an apartheid.

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