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The main role that we are looking for is a 3rd person to the team that can market products through affiliate type marketing for our products. Right now my business partner and I split the profits 50/50. We were selling about 8k a month in products from China a year ago after just 4 months. Since then we had some issues with Amazon but have cleared up those issues and am growing the business back up.

The current growth rate is pretty steady but not the rate that I would like it to grow and am looking for someone to market our products to a more social internet and SEO type work. With that I would be willing to give you 50% of my profit and offer allow you to affiliate market our products which will give you whatever amazon gives for affiliate purchases (around 6-10%). Its not a lot to start, its about 150 a month right now, but our sales are low. I know that with some marketing we can increase that 100 fold allowing us to add more products and increase sales. As a business partner we would also want to involve you in suggestion of products in the future so that you can better market the products you want to pick. We haven't had a product that's good enough to do FBA yet as we want to make sure that the profit for that product is good enough to reach that point.

These are only suggestions, my ideas etc, but I would love to hear your ideas and work together as a team. If you believe that we would be a good fit I would be glad to start working with you after the holidays.

Right now our biggest seller is Mens Underwear which may seem like something that a lot of people steer away from, but we made decent money off those products. I even went as far as to create a website for the products and spent a lot of time making it, but I found out that the site took so much time to run and maintain because of the lack of connection between Amazon and our sister site. With that I had to pretty much stop marketing the site. We were even going as far as working with the manufactures to make our own brand but would need to sell about 10k sales a month to meet that mark, something that isn't impossible with the correct marketer. You can check out the website at www.underweargods.com

Getting products and shipping products is what we are good at, marketing is not. My business partner has a lot of faith in me in doing this job but I honestly dont have the know how to succeed at the level that I want to. I enjoy working with manufactures and obtaining new products, but finding the market for those products or what products I should get is hard for me to do.

Please let me know your thoughts about what I wrote and we can talk more. Hope you have a great Christmas and hopefully look forward to working with you.

Here is our main website too www.ouroimports.com Thank you, Lee Adams

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