EPA is now allowing asbestos back into manufacturing

is evidence enough

that I barely read it because you have nothing worthwhile to say.

you'd see that the sense of comraderue comes from those who share similar ideals and simply wish to improve life for all

You mean for those who they consider their comrades?

not to seem smart, which seems to be the only concern with folks like yourself.

Lol. I have no concern for seeming smart. I don't need to seem like anything to any dumb morons.


Pretty sure you don't know what that means. Especially since you're accusing me of having insecurity issues with you on here, even though you clearly think I'm smarter than you, despite having never said it, which indicates that you are insecure now because you feel outmatched. The only way you could possibly think all of these things about me, in a conversation that I'm barely paying attention to, is that it's how you really feel. I don't even know what retarded shit you said in the comment before this one, because I don't care about your dumbass patriotism is "this liberal bullshit that I heard on CNN".

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