Epic needs to learn to be parents to multiple kids. (BR/STW)

Pretty sure Darren and Zak steer the ship. I want to say, the devs have done a good job and that there's two teams, a BR and StW. They've been good to us, and I've felt too reactionary in the past during the early days when we were all upset at the micro-transaction stuff. However, I'm on board with a bad lack of communication lately. The game broke over the Holidays, that still hasn't been explained. Further, the game is breaking, tonight my ears popped because lag spikes cause all the husks noises to combine at once after it breaks and it's super loud and irritating. The lag spikes happen at the worst times, a mini-boss is taking good damage? Except a spike just as two walls fell and the horde is piling in. Near a cliff? Here comes day/night lag. Moments left to finish your storm shield? New player joins lag. Doing DPS to a smasher or horde as they tear into your fort then seeing them freeze in place for 10-20 seconds waiting to see what all they've done is game breaking. We've gritted our teeth on a lot, an update on if they are aware that xboxes shut down, transforms don't work, people don't have their inventories, etc,. would alleviate the pressure building here.

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