Epidemic 41- Fecal Matter- Shit!

Ya it's definitely a skill you have that I don't, or at least it doesn't come naturally to me and I haven't cultivated it as a skill. I'm great at expressing my ideas with words and I got my degree in philosophy so I'm confident writing with that as my purpose. Did you go to school for English or creative writing?

Psychology as a medical science and practice is infantile compared to other areas of medicine. There's obviously still a lot of social stigma around mental health which negatively impacts advancements. I was discussing this with a friend and she proposed that if psychology advanced at the same rate as other fields of medicine we would have medicine as effective as penicillin that would cure someone of addiction. I disagree and said that years of addiction can not be solved by taking a pill for a week, there is a lot of shit that needs healing after that. When an athlete hurts their bodies after years of abusing it they need physical therapy relative to the extent of damage done and the health of the althete's body which will determine how well it heals. Just like addicts, the athlete may never be fully healed and the effects of the abuse put on the body will be seen long after it stops. Physical therapy is usually covered by insurance (mine is) whereas talk therapy rarely is completely covered and usually restricted to a certain number per year (like mine). What's the difference between the athlete and junkie? We've turned this into a moral issue, both had knowledge that what they were doing would inevitably cause health problems down the road but continued. When an athlete enters physical therapy they have many tests run that look at the particular case and a specialized doctor determines what the best treatment would be that would maximize the recovery of Her patient. Sure other doctors may prescribe a different course of action but the fact is that there are treatments in this field of medicine that are widely agreed upon and proven to work through scientific research. Let's look at addiction, 12 step programs are probably the most widely prescribed recommendation to addicts. Not to say that other fields of medicine don't have procedures that are contested, however data is collected and the procedures are tested so we quantitatively know how effective they are. There is never any question to if a procedure works, that would be absurd, instead we question how come the success rates of a specific procedure is so low and how can we increase it. Why the fuck are we still treating people with a potentially deadly disease with a therapy (aa/Na) which has an unknown success rate and is rooted in the idea that it doesn't change.

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