Epik High has signed an exclusive contract for oversea activities with American agency, William Morris Endeavor (WME)

The way i see it, modern mainstream rap mostly relies on being catchy, so even if the song is very simple lyrically, as long as it flows well and catchy as hell, it sells. Its hard to be lyrical and still make a catchy song. That triplet(mumble rap) flow is really popular nowadays cos they can make catchy ass beats and flow well with it. Lyrical rappers are mostly just a niche nowadays for hiphop heads, so imo if they could produce a catchy beat for Jackson he could do well, coupled with his popularity and charisma(tho it would be hard as an asian). It isn't really a sellout imo, just a different style and purpose(which is to get hype) than lyrical rap(which mostly are conscious/political)

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