Episcopal Chaplain at Harvard: 'I propose a Eucharist via Zoom.'

It's more a facepalm that both catechesis and priestly formation have gotten this bad. This isn't a layperson - it's a college chaplain at one of the world's most well-known universities, responsible for the spiritual formation of young people when they're often most spiritually vulnerable.

The chorus of "nopes" is because this isn't the first time we've seen this, and this is just another case of the forced break from public worship revealing just how bad catechesis and formation have become. We all knew it was bad, but we didn't know it was this bad.

But the short version of the reason? Because this further reveals that the Eucharist has become a totem, and that public worship has become not worship, but a desire to receive their totem (I can't tell you how many conversations I've had that have gone something like, "well, if there's no communion, why should I go?").

Not to mention that in no way has remote consecration of the elements ever been understood as being possible, just as remotely "attending" worship in normal circumstances is problematic, at best (only one of the problems I have with livestreaming worship under normal circumstances).

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