Why is the Episcopal church near collapse-Your thoughts on this?

I don't think of Anglicanism or any denomination for that matter as a club, either (sorry if that got lost in my text). But I do get very frustrated when people start to denigrate one denomination and treat theirs as special. I got accused of being a secret Mormon because I told other Christians it was rude to do that. I am not exactly sure what it means to be a "secret Mormon" but man they thought I was demonic after that. I try to remember that it's not the denomination that's the problem, it's the person.

Personally, I have more loyalty to a specific church than I do to a denomination. I went to one Evangelical non-denominational (ironic) Church and though I disagreed with them a lot on political issues, I loved their associate pastor. Conservative as they come, and yet one of the kindest people you'll ever meet. When he left, I left to find another community (hence finding the Episcopal).

He also had a great phrase too: "God isn't weird, but sometimes His people are." It was a reminder to just trust in God and not worry what other people say. Sometimes, however, that is much easier said than done

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