Episode 12 Bingo Card

I'm just gonna tackle these in sequence. Then come back next week and see how right/wrong I was.

Neo speaks: No. They may have wanted her to speak at one point, but I think at this point her being mute is such an identifier they've probably changed that plan.

Blake's wound is forgotten: Yes, that or rendered inconsequential. Unless Adam's sword is more than it appears.

Pyrrha dies: Yes. Although exactly how is up in the air since she didn't receive the power.

Big family revelation: No.

Roman emerges from rubble: Absolutely. 100%.

flashback: No.

Yang becomes 1/5th robot: Definitely but they may save showing that for the first episode of Volume 4.

neo floats: Yes.

bumblwhatever: No, I wouldn't mind but even if they are doing it, it wouldn't be this early. Plus honestly I kind of prefer Sun for Blake now knowing he's a foil to Adam (kinda).

summer isn't ded: no she ded.

Raven shows up: No. They wouldn't have Qrow make a big deal of her not showing up again if she was just gonna show up again.

glynda fixes everything: lol no, what do you think this is? Volume 2?

cliffhanger: Yes and no... it's complicated.

velvet's weapon is unused: Yes.

Winter shows up: In a non-speaking cameo at best, otherwise no.

Taiyang shows up: I was initially prepared to say no... but after thinking it over, if he hears about Yang's predicament, he might come running. Especially if he knows Raven won't.

Adam gets away: Well he certainly isn't getting killed or captured so by process of elimination...

weiss summons wheneva: She'll probably need more practice but yes, summoning will be a thing she can do now.

Kevin killed in one shot: No.

Penny stays dead: 50/50 on this. Even if she does come back, we won't see it this volume.

Cardin gains plot relevance: ...Maaaaaaybe.

Kevin rekts tower: Yes.

Cinder dies: pffffffthaha... no.

Ozpin dies: pfffffffthaha... no.

Ironwood disagrees: ... with anyone? In general? Sure.

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