Episode Discussion – The Question

This episode was cute I guess, but am I the only one ticked off that Greg didn’t know Rose Quartz was Pink Diamond? 

If she was able to tell him (despite that he told her “That’s all in the past”) his flexibility would make a little more sense. But she WASN’T able to tell him like Greg intended to imply, I’m thinking he might be TOO flexible. 

On one hand I’m glad he wasn’t keeping a secret, but on the other him JUST finding out she was Pink Diamond and shrugging it off made me think he’s optimistic about EVERYTHING and depending on the situation that’s not always a good thing. 

Maybe I didn’t know Greg like I thought I did, but I can’t be the only one who wanted to see him upset or feel betrayed just once! It would’ve made him have more development than just him being “A good dad”. 

But maybe that's just me.

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