Epstein. The Podesta emails. The Clinton Server. Huma Abedein, Acosta’s intelligence comment. The FBI waiting to raid island until his death. Comey not charging Hillary even though anyone else would’ve been locked up for life..it’s all connected. Accept the fact; FBI, congress, CIA are compromised.

She was just a puppet to go against Trump. Trump is meant to be president. They want someone who will do whatever it takes to break down the American people and see how dumb and lazy the country really is.

Lazy is an offensive word. But what do you all do? You have a wanna be celebrity sitting in office. He does nothing but offend his own citizens and allies on a daily basis. He does nothing for you but taunt his relations with “enemy” countries. You were all taught Russia and North Korea are the enemy. Even if it was just the media trying to get your blood boiled Russia “fixed” the election to put this “evil man” in and you did nothing. What do you continue to do about it? Nothing. You all love the word impeachment but it will never come. It’s just another attempt by the media to blind you from what’s really going on.

Instead you march for a day feel better about yourself and carry on the rest of your life like you made a difference and you didn’t. Look at what is happening in Hong Kong. It is government vs the people and neither are backing down, the fucking army is heading in to “settle” their people. The yellow vest in Paris is still on going. Look at Venezuela they marched until their leader stepped down. Look at Egypt and the amount of citizens killed by their own government but they still marched and lined the streets until their leader stepped down.

But boy my new computer chair sure is comfy, maybe I’ll call my friend Steve and we can talk about doing something about it tomorrow.

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