Epstein and the underage girl F'ing is a psyop designed to draw your attention away from real conspiracies by triggering pearl clutching and virtue signal amongst Truthers. We should focus on more important issues.

“There are fat old men who fly to Thailand and other parts of south East Asia specifically to fuck underage girls, and those are normal people.”

Yeh, I’m going to have to disagree with you on that one.

The issue is not about whether it is natural to find older teenagers sexy. It’s about taking advantage of a child who has no life experience. A grown adult (sane) knows that it is wrong to take advantage of underage girls. Most people stop finding 19/20 yr olds attractive when you fully grow up, they are stupid. Well, I mean they lack the life experience to be relatable any longer.

So it’s not similar to dirty old men trying to pick up some kids and therefore the other stuff by rich people is fine. Both are wrong. The billionaire traffics underage girls across borders and then use their money and influence to control these kids who don’t know any better. Sex slavery isn’t about having literal chains stopping people from leaving. The chains are invisible, yet still have the same effect.

Maybe the issue is totally normal to you. I don’t think most people would find raping a 12yr old acceptable. And again, child rape isn’t just about literally jumping out the bushes and sticking them in your candy van. It’s taking advantage of a child who doesn’t know any better and can be easily influenced, when the other person knows exactly how to manipulate them. That’s what child abuse is.

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