equality is a bad thing and we should never try to aim for it

So then, I think youre arguing for equity rather than equality. I dont think thats a crazy idea if thats the case. Poor people should get more benefits than rich people, thats equity. High crime areas should be targeted more than non crime areas, regardless of race. Thats equity. The problem with that example though is that there is far too many rampant cases of racism in police. Ive seen it first hand, Id rather police be kept on shorter leashes until there is some good reform. Nobody should be treated the way Ive seen some officers treat black people. And as for colleges taking in people based on quotas of race, well I agree thats just stupid. It should be based on merit. However, if looking at it from an equity perspective, poorer students should be admitted more frequently and accepted with a certain amount lower test scores. Its not equal but it is equity since they have had less opportunity and lower quality education. If they did it based on that they still would get a lot of minority applicants without having the ridiculousness of race quotas.

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