Equipping Multiple Wyrmprints: Possible Future?

Yes, it's always better than powercreep wyrmprints to make them worthy, at the current state the best wyrmprints are about 1/4 power of a dragon, the only way to make them worthy without 2 wyrmprint slot are powercreep them, make their ability strong, stats stronger, but remember. If they powercreep future wyrmprints, old wyrmprints become pretty much useless shit and pity breaker and that is not the wise way to fix wyrmprint, so the best choice is 2 slot with well balanced system, and some special wyrmprints will take 2 slot instead of 1 so they can't be use together with other wyrmprints for example Dragon Preps, they are really strong and kind of ANTI-CREATIVITY, if Dragon Preps exist most players will just use Dragon Preps over anything and abuse them to the highest so they should be 2-slot wyrmprints.

Also they need to prevent an adventure from equipping 2 same wyrmprints, and ignore same abilities like Crit Rate 10% and Crit Rate 8% won't become Crit Rate 18% but only 10%, stacking ability is really dangerous and may create broken setup that can pretty much break the game.

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