Erdogan says Turkey not positive on Finland, Sweden joining NATO

If you believe ALPHA (authoritarian) psychology is mentally stronger socially than humility, consider this:

  • Always criticizing friendly (honest) human beings
  • Blames women for all male behavior and attitudes (never takes responsibility for honesty socially)
  • Women / children sex trafficking rings
  • Child molestation / child porn
  • Rape
  • Murder
  • Statutory rape / manipulative to younger members of the opposite sex
  • Predatory psychology (manipulates human beings with low self worth that don’t understand the true intentions of others)
  • Parasitic (gives attention to peaceful individuals and picks fights unprovoked)
  • Racism / pride (while blaming others for being racial)
  • Head games with younger personalities
  • Head games with sensitive (friendly and honest) personalities
  • Head games with the opposite sex
  • Forced car confrontations / car fatalities / head games while driving / road rage
  • Governments / censorship online to protect hatred, elitism, and authority
  • Willingness to lie to the public to make money / theft / excessive greed (using money as a weapon socially)
  • Drug dealing crystal meth / fentanyl / other toxic drugs that ruin lives
  • All violence, war, and jealousy
  • Anti-science / pro-religion
  • Anti-psychic / pro-manipulation
  • Anti-love / pro-money (power)
  • No character / only selfish
  • Never grows in personality / never changes beliefs, attitude, or ideas to the positive (for life)
  • Groups together in social cliques to share criticisms / shares jealousy with others / judges sensitivity (psychic development) socially
  • Forces classism and criticisms on those already in pain from the judgments of other people to boost self worth
  • Forces leadership onto strangers / foolishly underestimates other people / refuses to cooperate / unfriendly (insecure)
  • Almost all ideas based on leadership are about what the human body looks like (no honor with shallow, dumb ideas)

Ice cold, hard, insensitive, arrogant, forceful, aggressive, disrespectful, bossy, & authoritarian thoughts / ideas / feelings are creations in the material realm.

With warm, soft-thinking, gentle, sensitive minds, fields, and personalities, none of these issues exist. It’s unnecessary drama.

Is alpha psychology strong while sensitive personalities are weak? Or is that manipulation of the truth and a lie? These are creepy behaviors socially.

Sensitive minds are friendly, not manipulative. Sensitive means: “I care about other people.” Alpha means: “I am here to dominate socially.”

Nice guys will always single another personality out romantically and stay. Head games are not a necessity when human beings center on each other romantically and show complete honesty.

There is no reason for authority. Hypocrites seeking power and popularity socially are always the most critical and abusive minds.

Love is strong, secure, and healthy socially, as well as for our bodies as individuals. Alpha / authoritarian is anger, stress, fear, and criticisms.

Pushing self or others to be alpha turns the human mind crazy. Alpha psychology is hatred for others only… Selfish thinking only… Isolation within only… Sadness only… Lying only… Drama only…

Governments are only necessary for simple and shallow minds that refuse to be friends with other people and cooperate socially. Sincerity, honesty, and humility are the only ways to be secure mentally.

Authoritarians are too dumb to get rid of the government. They created it in the first place. Sensitive minds are the only ones that will reach that goal.

Minds focused authoritarian / alpha live a fantasy version of reality where respect, honesty, and personal accountability are things not to be taken seriously.

No one has control over the personalities of other people with anger, resentments, judgments, or force. Only imbeciles follow that idea.

Stupid minds are into force (division). Strong minds are into collective consciousness (telepathy and friendship). Be strong.

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