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/u/InThePortalAgain - #7 Rated Question

I found Ergo via my interest in Cardano and I think many others here did as well. My interest was originally sparked by the prospect of interoperability and support for/from Cardano's ecosystem. Upon further research, Ergo obviously stands for itself but there will be a lot of people new to Ergo who have that same initial question of, "What will Ergo do for Cardano and what will Cardano do for Ergo?"

There was a blog post about how Ergo will boost the interoperability of Cardano. Ergo and Cardano both live in the Yoroi wallet so I expect there will be cross chain functionality there eventually. And obviously there is the Ergodex coming soon as well.

Beyond these, could you describe what your vision is in how these two blockchains function together? What will their relationship be? I have seen speculation about Cardano using Ergo's oracle pools and all sorts of other things and I think it would be helpful to have a clear understanding of what lies ahead so that as we introduce new people to Ergo we aren't talking out our asses based on conjecture and speculation.

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