Escape room employees, what's the stupidest thing you've seen someone do to try and get out?

I know this isn't directly answering the question, as I am not an employee, but for my bachelor party me and some mates did a kickass escape room at the mall of america. Note: none of us had done an escape room before.
The escape room was awesome, but the employee or whatever was one nasty, rude person. While person was doing the intro, we asked a clarifying question, which was abruptly met with a snarky response intended to make us feel like a bunch of stupid asses.
The theme was a "locked in prison, not guilty, had an escape plan but your buddy got murdered, so now you've only got this one night to do it" type gig. Each room led you to another, even more complex and very well detailed, room.
Our group was split in two, in two different cells, and we had to work together to unlock one cell in order to help unlock the other group's cell. We had to use different clues and items in each cell, and correspond them with things in the other groups cell. We got through this rather quickly.
Once out of the cells, we were trapped in a hallway, to which we needed to use a phone and type in specific numbers to unlock a laundry chute or whatever. The laundry chute led us to a "maintenance room" with pipes, gauges, etc. It was really cool, and basically we escaped from that maintenance room into the Warden's office, through a small crawlspace.
In the warden's office, there were tons and tons of books on the shelving. We had to use a manifest of prisoners to correspond to the book titles in order to find the correct books, remove them, and then count the books in between to reveal numerics which corresponded with some sort of lock to the door out of the warden's office. We ended up not completing the final room, and the clues we asked for were complete shit like "look to your left". All in all, great experience but the employee person was a shithole lol. thanks for reading!

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