Especially if she showing off on social media

Nada, 3am thoughts maybe.

It’s just my own personal theory but .. How does a woman not deem this as counterproductive to the feminist movement?

It’s sort of like being complacent or straddling the fence at one’s convenience and someone’s else unknowingly expense. If feminism is to even the score board by way of deconstructing gender biases around discrimination within our society; it’s counterproductive to agree (with full autonomy over this choice) as a woman.

it’s not a conducive choice because it merely perpetuates preexisting patriarchal norms that the intersectional feminist movement has been trying to dismantle for decades.


Hecht, Z. (2021, June 3). How olivia rodrigo’s ‘Sour’ disrupts the “Other woman” trope | her campus. Her Campus | HerCampus.Com Is the #1 Global Community for College Women, Written Entirely by the Nation’s Top College Journalists from 380+ Campus Chapters around the World.

(Woman, 28yrs)

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