ESPN reporter asks LSU QB, Joe Burrow, a question about his coach’s daughter that died in a plane crash before the game. Burrow found out about it on live tv.

I don't have or watch cable news but generally I like fox news. The opinion hosts there are very obviously opinion hosts as they don't try to hide it. But then they have/had hosts like Megan Kelly, Chris Wallace, who are actually pretty good reporters and interviewers. I know you probably think they're just a full blown propaganda machine for the right but what I hope you're honest enough to admit is that they are the only legacy media source that isn't a genuine left wing propaganda machine. That's why I just roll my eyes when people complain about only fox.

What I like about msnbc is that they tell you they are left wing. I don't have a problem with that. But for example CNN is absolutely leftist propaganda but they try so hard to put up and maintain this facade of being an objective news source.

Generally all cable news is trash but fox actually has an interesting mix of hosts. They all have a few good ones. I used to like Jake Tapper (CNN). I think Chris wallace is decent.

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