esports Daily - 4/22/22 (Friday)

I have been watching LOUD from the start and I can guarantee that you won't win against LOUD with the firepower optic have. I agree that yay is a god but so is aspas, and I think aspas is even better.

See for yourself his stats:

Not only that but they have fucking sacy too who is a godlike sova player and really smart. Loud play exactly like DRX but with a much better aim, I can't see AT ALL optic having better tactics. And what you said about having footage of their gameplay, well LOUD have way more to analyze. Firepower? Come on they have FNS, LOUD has Less.

I don't blame you at all or anyone for thinking that this LOUD team is beatable, they were really unstable against liquid but it was the first lan for aspas (who still had the best score) and less and they had covid + playing on a separate room. I just can't see LOUD losing and I am going to bet on it just like I bet at the start for them winning it all and against liquid and G2

LOUD -1.5 x Optic.

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