Essential Kitchen Tools | Basics with Babish

If you're looking for constructive criticism, I'd be happy to give you some :) I really liked this overall -- I've been a home cook / insane hobbyist like yourself for the past 10 years and you even taught me a few things I hadn't thought about before.

Also your writing is really strong and that's going to translate well to this new series -- so here's where my criticism comes in-- and I'm only really chiming in here because you yourself said you were unhappy with the production company's work-- the opening sequence feels a little cheesy somehow, even though I know you're not a cheesy dude (and your writing is good, let me say that again) so while I'm no video production expert I feel like some of the choices they made there with how they filmed you are partly to blame for that maybe? I know it's a little jarring to see 'entire Babish' but I don't think that's really the only thing that was going on for me because I've seen you across the internet in other videos and you didn't come across that way-- and then as soon as you moved on to the tutorial it felt much more like the Babish I know and love (although your lighting in your Binging videos is better and more high-contrast IMO).

Anyways I just want to say I'm hugely into your videos and have cooked a bunch of your recipes. Huge fan.

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